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The Process

Let us explain in detail, our unique process of respraying your kitchen.

Step 1 - Initial Contact

The first step in our process involves you filling out the contact form by clicking here.

One of our team will contact you within a few hours and have a chat about your kitchen, the colours you have in mind and everything else you need to know!

We will then look to visit your kitchen for a closer look to make sure everything is in order and that we can proceed.

Step 2 - Collection

So you like what you've heard, you're happy with the quote and you've chosen your colour. The next step is for us to arrange the collection of your kitchen and order your paint so that we can begin the work in our spray booth.


Remember that we will probably need to carry out some painting in your kitchen itself - which is step three (see below)

Step 3 - On Site Painting

There are some parts of your kitchen that we may not be able to remove and take away to our workshop, therefore we will need a day or two to complete the painting required for what parts of the kitchen remain in situ.

It's a good idea to pre-heat the room and remove all furniture and items sitting on the worktops before we begin - to help efficiency of the project.

Yes - we protect your flooring!


Step 4 - Spray Shop

Whilst the on site painting is being completed, we will have already started work on your kitchen in the workshop and spray booth. We use tried and tested methods to clean, sand and spray your kitchen to its full potential - offering almost any colour available in either a matt, or satin finish. We also dry your kitchen between coats of paint in our temperature controlled drying room.

Once your kitchen is completed and checked over by our team of professionals - we're ready to load it back in to the van and bring it back to you.


Step 5 - Re-installation

So your kitchen is ready to be returned! After your kitchen has been completed and checked by our team - it's carefully loaded into the van and brought back to you.

When we arrive, we will reinstall every part of your kitchen, adjusting things as we go by to make it look the best it possibly can.

Before we leave, we will explain to you your aftercare instructions and ask for a few photos to add to our social media pages.

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